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BRANDKER - Global Entrepreneurs Community
Malaysia - Singapore - China

BRANDKER is the first digital platform in the world which provides Business Network (Connector), Business Coaching (Educator) and a Platform to cultivate and invest in new startups, business ideas by entrepreneurs from all regions (Incubator).

BRANDKER believes that education, network and source of funding are entrepreneur’s keys to success. Our platform allows entrepreneurs to have better access to the global market network. We create global connectivity to accelerate local businesses’ growth.

We provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to acquire business insights and skill set from successful business leaders and educators from all over the world. Entrepreneurs gain more practical knowledge, stay innovative and eventually stand out from the competition.

Through BRANDKER, we believe that entrepreneurs will accomplish greater business success. To us, every entrepreneur is BRANDKER. The business, vision and mission that they carry on, is reflected through their brand.

Be part of our global community, #BeBRANDKER!