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品世国际商学院是亚洲顶尖的品牌与策略商学院,针对企业家在21世纪的需求,提供务实的实战企业培训。创立于2017年,学员来自马来西亚,新加坡, 文莱,印度,菲律宾,中国和加拿大。
我们是唯一一家结合西方企业策略与亚洲市场趋势的教育平台。二元性策略™是我们的创始人兼国际品牌与投资策略大师钟智树所设计的独家策略 。在企业上结合创意与策略,理性与感性价值,应对21世纪的数码时代趋势和激烈竞争的挑战。
今天就加入品牌大师企业课程系列,打造您的亿万国际企业品牌。 从概念到执行到自动化,从品牌企业家到品牌投资者,品牌与投资策略大师将协助企业家运用务实创新的品牌与策略让业绩翻倍,开拓新市场,吸引投资者。

BRANDKER Masterclass is Asia's Leading Branding & Strategy Institute™
Building Your Billion Dollar Company, Starts with Investing in Branding.

We provide practical and relevant entrepreneurship courses based on entrepreneurs’ needs in today’s 21st century. Established in 2017, our have alumni from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India, Philippines, China and Canada. We are the only education platform which combines the business strategies of the West and Asia’s local market trend. The Duality Strategy™ is exclusively developed by our founder, International Brand & Investment Strategist Matthew Chong. It is the combination of Creativity and Strategy, the rational and emotional values of business essential to face the challenges and competition in our digital era of the 21st century. Be part of our BRAND MASTER Series to build your billion dollar international Brand.

From concept to implementation to automation, from a Brandpreneur to a Brand Investor, we help entrepreneurs execute practical innovative Branding & Strategy to double your sales, create new markets and attract investors.
Be Achiever, Be Difference, Be Influencer, #BeBRANDKER!